It's Official...The Integrity Game is a Homerun! 

The Integrity Game has reached best seller!

The integrity game® book is a parable that shows motivation + accountability = results! Follow Luke, Terry, Ally and TJ on integrated journeys of personal and professional growth at the ballpark!

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Thomas Neuman,

Senior editor, USA TODAY Sports Media Group

Set against the backdrop of America’s pastime, Jeff Klubeck’s “The Integrity Game” is an engaging, accessible introduction to the foundations of personal success. As you get to know the characters of this refreshing narrative, the importance of purpose, goal-setting and accountability in achieving positive growth become apparent. No matter your line of work, “The Integrity Game” can help to enlighten your approach to business and life.

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About the Author: Jeffrey Klubeck’s Insights and Motivation Transform Individuals and Organizations Through Leadership Education.

Jeffrey has parlayed his Communication Degrees (BA/MA) with workplace communications expertise, practical sales, management training, and leadership experiences to become a world-class coach and consultant.

Jeffrey operates his personal and professional development company based on the principles of service, the power of education, and the tools of communication. Jeffrey adheres to a formula that applies assessment, strategy and accountability to the client’s specific goals and professional growth.

Praise For The Integrity Game

Dave Chametsky

Author Peace, Love and Bring a Bat

Just awesome! It brings so many things together in such a subtle way that it seems like you are sitting with friends listening and learning. Jeff is a master communicator and his GAME is strong – his Integrity is unmatched.

Jamar Williams

Founder & CEO PromoDrone

A simple yet insightful and an inspiring read that brought me back to my center. This book serves as a reminder to define your true north and create the mental structure needed to guide the way. Live with purpose, practice, and swing for the fences. Thank you Jeff!

Ajay Gupta

Senior Partner Gupta, Evans & Associates, PC

If I’m summarizing, the “Integrity Game” is about the “integration” of 10 different “habits” or processes or “question sets”; or even more generally, a disciplined (almost religious) adherence to a model that has proven to lead to success. This book is clearly about Mentorship and possibly Leadership. It is remarkably well written!

Michele Lee Malo

The Change CEO

 ”The Integrity Game was a game changer for me. This is a brilliantly written story that drives home the idea that you need to have integrity in all areas of your life to truly have alignment, happiness and success. You will take away some amazing lessons from this playbook written by a coach that shows you how to hit a homerun in life.

A Fully Updated Guide to Gain More Accountability

The Integrity Game is a Homerun!

In this modern-day parable, executive coach Jeff Klubeck weaves our national pastime with ten points of integration that are necessary for success and happiness. Through the lens of baseball, Jeff introduces Luke, an uninspired hot dog vendor, and Terry, an unexpected coach, and masterfully integrates his key principles for life and business into their story. The Integrity Game distills the formula for how to approach your daily mindset to not only achieve your goals but to also be a powerful catalyst to help others reach theirs.

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And Get 2 Complimentary Sessions
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